Pointcarré is a learning management system currently used at the Free University of Brussels (Belgium). It is based on the popular Dokeos LMS, but Pointcarré is not a fork. Pointcarré developers contribute to the Dokeos community release and Dokeos LCMS developments. Pointcarré has several modifications, mostly to adapt Dokeos to the situation at our university and integrate with our database of students, teachers and courses.

We want to be completely open in our development. Everyone is free to use, modify, spread our code according to the license specifications of the GNU General Public License. You are welcome also to make suggestions and point out bugs! In general, we advise you to install the standard Dokeos community release - we guarantee upgrade paths for those releases, not for this local variant.

Since we believe in openness and communication as a basis for stability and solid development, we are contributors to the Dokeos community releases, which adhere to openness and good free software / open source development techniques like the release early, release often principle.


See the credits page for a complete list of credits.


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